Abbotts Park

United Kingdom

Civil engineering


Structural engineering

Our Involvement

CDP Developments appointed us to provide civil, geo-environmental and structural designs for the redevelopment of a former derelict gas works, Abbotts Park, situated on Abbotts Lane in Coventry.

The site is set to be developed in two phases, the first creating a new public park, that links Naul’s Mill Park to Coventry City Centre and the second, a 710 home, multi-storey residential development.

The previous industrial site posed several risks given the contamination in the soil and groundwater, as well as volatile vapours and hazard gases. We provided site investigation works to further assess the contamination and hazardous gas risk, followed by the production of a remediation strategy with on-site supervision, which included the removal of a gas holder and verification of remedial works.

A further challenge with the site was how to turn underground drainage systems into a public accessible park with a bespoke water feature.

By diverting the flows from the Radford Brook through Naul’s Mill Park and through its previously stagnant boating lake, into the development site, we enabled CDP Developments to create their centrepiece open water feature.

The brook, which now flows through Linear Park, has been transformed into a natural habitat for wildlife and the quality of the Radford Brook and local area has significantly improved with new walking links from Naul’s Mill Park to Coventry City Centre.