Winter House

United Kingdom

Civil engineering

Structural engineering

Our Involvement

Scott Donald Architects approached us to provide the structural designs for a new 550 sqm dwelling, set in the Rolleston Dove Conservation Area in Burton Upon Trent.

A true blank canvas project, the client imposed no architectural style or brief, but wanted a modernist, sophisticated house that captured the local environment and enabled seamless inside / outside living space.

Designing the full sub and super structures – our solution which was a cantilevered structure, not only remained hidden and set back internally but accommodated a 25m expanse of angled glazing.

Our designs allowed the architect to bring to life their dramatic vision, without comprise and create an elegant home that connected to the environment.

Winter House has won several awards including Manchester Society of Architects 202 ‘best one-off house built’ and is a fantastic example of what structural design can achieve.