By combining geo-technical and contaminated land investigation services, we ensure that you understand the ground liabilities for your projects. We advise across infrastructure and regeneration projects globally and ensure cost effective appraisal of development sites.

We mitigate risk, follow legislation and ensure our work is sustainable and long-lasting. This combined with our expertise, means we reduce cost and draw quantifiable conclusions and solutions that are crucial to your project through-out its lifecycle.

We help you help the environment.


  • Preliminary risk assessments
  • Site investigations and contaminated land risk assessments
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Ground gas risk assessments and verification of gas protection measures
  • Remediation strategies and supervision
  • Verification of clean soil cover systems
  • Project management and regulatory liaison
  • Due diligence and pre-acquisition assessments
  • Regulatory liaison with LA and EA for pre-planning and planning stages
  • Coal mining risk assessments
  • Investigations and treatment of mine workings
  • Production of material management plans (MMP) under CL:AIRE code of practice